Your Gift at Work

The "Wesleyan experience" would not exist for our students if not for the generosity of parents, alumni, and friends who faithfully support the school with gifts above and beyond tuition. Each year, the Annual Fund directly supports the elements of our community that make up the fabric of Wesleyan: our students, faculty, and staff. Each story below illustrates how donors impact our community every day. 

International Missions and Weekly Bible Studies for Almost 200 Students

February 9, 2015

What does it take to get 175 middle and high school students on mission trips throughout the world each year spreading the gospel and the love of Christ? Of course we know you need a lot of prayer, well-planned travel logistics, and financial support for missions. But did you know it also takes almost 50 Wesleyan faculty members willing to give up their spring break each year to chaperone these trips?

That’s right. Each year, as many as 50 faculty members lead mission trips anywhere from Atlanta to South Africa and Panama to Romania. Wesleyan’s Christian Life team coordinates 8-10 trips annually and each trip requires 4-5 faculty members. Without them, the trips wouldn’t happen.

Additionally, Christian Life at Wesleyan extends well beyond missions. Throughout the school year, 16 weekly Bible studies are held throughout campus and homes in our community for as many as 200 students. Each group needs 2-3 faculty leaders who volunteer their time, hearts, and often their homes to meet with students each week and help them draw closer to Christ. Again, without these faculty volunteers, Wesleyan would not be in a position to offer these Bible studies.

“Every school year, we need between 75 and 100 faculty members to give up their time, and sometimes their holidays, to help support our Christian Life program,” said Greg Lisson, Director of Christian Life. “We need committed Christians to lead our students on these trips and through Bible studies. Without our faculty and the heart they each have for Christ and for our students, we would not be in a position to offer the mission and study opportunities our students have come to know as a key piece of the Wesleyan experience.”

Wesleyan’s hiring philosophy directly supports missions
Wesleyan’s Christian-only hiring policy directly impacts our ability to support such a healthy Christian Life program. Wesleyan is committed to maintaining this policy because we believe that surrounding our students with adults who love Christ is first and foremost our greatest responsibility. As a result, when we identify a prospective teacher or administrator that will be a good fit for our community, it is important that we are able to make competitive employment offers.

We ensure our ability to attract and retain these highly-skilled educators with a heart for Christ using the generous support of our community to the Annual Fund each year. Thank you for your support of the 2014-15 Annual Fund!

Teachers and Students Worshiping Side-by-Side

January 25, 2015

On the first Friday of each school year, all students, faculty, and staff gather in Yancey Gymnasium for All-School Chapel. The parade of seniors walking hand in hand with the new  kindergarten class, announcing the school year’s Christian Life theme, and wearing Chapel uniforms for the first time are traditions for All-School chapel that the community looks forward to   each year.

And while these traditions are important to Wesleyan, the underlying story stemming from each All-School Chapel and weekly division-wide Chapel service is how lucky we are to be 100% staffed by believers. These teachers, administrators, staff members, and coaches are first and foremost focused on Christ and are at Wesleyan to do more than teach a particular academic subject – they are here to serve the Lord and participate in shaping the lives of our students.

Recruiting the best teachers is difficult. Wesleyan’s unwavering commitment to an all-Christian faculty, staff, and administration makes that job even more challenging as it further narrows the number of potential teachers for teaching positions at Wesleyan. To ensure that we are able to recruit and retain the best teachers who are also Christians, our Board has committed to making Wesleyan competitive in the education job market.

The Annual Fund directly supports Wesleyan School’s ability to recruit and retain the best teachers in our region. Without your annual contribution, our students would not have the classroom experiences they have and they may not have the luxury of worshiping side by side throughout the school year with those same teachers. Your gift has enabled us to build a community of believers dedicated to shaping the lives of children – impacting them potentially for eternity. Thank you.