Giving at Wesleyan

Through generous gifts from alumni, parents, grandparents, and friends of the school, Wesleyan has been blessed beyond measure. We are committed to providing for the mental, physical, and spiritual needs of each student and donor support allows us to do that. We rely upon support across a variety of channels to provide classroom experiences that transform lives in a pristine campus atmosphere.

Annual Fund

Brian_L_Morgan_20140829_BM77541.jpgThe Annual Fund plays a critical role in helping Wesleyan live up to its mission to be a Christ-centered school of academic excellence. Tuition does not fully cover the cost of a Wesleyan education. Each year, the Annual Fund contributes to the operating budget to fill that gap and support the operations of the school. Your tax-deductible contribution allows Wesleyan to keep tuition increases to a minimum. Learn more about the Annual Fund here.

Shared Blessings Capital Campaign

DSC_0167.JPGThe Shared Blessings Capital Campaign affords the Wesleyan community an opportunity to reflect on the blessings of those who came before us and helped to create the wonderful school that students enjoy today. Likewise, the campaign invites the community to share their blessings with current and future generations of Wesleyan students.

To  date, the campaign has already raised almost $19 million for campus improvements. In this final phase of the campaign, we are raising funds to drive technology initiatives throughout the school. For details on this final phase of the campaign and what has been accomplished to date, keep reading.

Georgia Private School Tax Credit

Brian_L_Morgan_20140829_BM60902.JPGThe Georgia Private School Tax Credit program allows Georgia taxpayers to designate state income tax dollars to specific independent schools in the state. The schools, in turn, utilize these funds to provide financial aid to students and families. Through this rare opportunity to instruct the state of Georgia on how to spend taxpayer dollars, Wesleyan consistently receives over $650,000 annually from this program. Learn how you can tell the state of Georgia how to spend your tax dollars.

Endowment Fund

Brian_L_Morgan_20140829_BM60882.jpgEndowment funds are investment accounts, held by the school, to which donors may designate their gifts. Wesleyan permanently sets aside the principal in the account and uses only the interest from the account to fund the needs of the school. Wesleyan's endowment supports three main areas: financial aid, long-term maintenance of campus buildings, and faculty salary and benefits assistance. Interested in helping us grow our endowment? Keep reading. 

The Legacy Society - Planned Giving

20140228_BM68924.jpgFor Wesleyan to continue to thrive and maintain its status as a top-tier school, increasing the endowment fund is a critical strategy. One of the best ways to do this is through planned giving. Gifts of life insurance, charitable trusts, will bequests, and retirement plan assets are all types of planned gifts that can be directed toward Wesleyan. From our original group of 15 donors, the Legacy Society has grown to 50, including the entire board of trustees. These contributions make a permanent gift that outlasts each donor and helps ensure that the school continues to thrive well into the future. To learn more about making a planned gift, please contact Matt Cole